Nathan Percy Graham portrait
Percy Graham, 1920,
a posthumous portrait
by Estella Graham

THE POEMS OF N. P. GRAHAM (1895-1920)

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A TIMID blush when we met
Was all that once I saw of you then;
A glance I shall never forget,
And never shall see again.

In the embers of my soul
You kindled a deathless flame;
I have fallen in sight of the goal
By the dream-bedecked way I came.

In the realms of high romance,
With the gods of a hated creed,
I have moved in the sensuous dance,
And drunk of the poisonous weed.

Love arms us with edgèd tools,
With the racks of a torturer's trade,
And laughs at the folly of fools,
And love was the game I played.

I have fallen in sight of the goal,
And given my heart to the fire.
All that is left of my soul –
Dead ashes of vain desire!


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