Nathan Percy Graham portrait
Percy Graham, 1920,
a posthumous portrait
by Estella Graham

THE POEMS OF N. P. GRAHAM (1895-1920)

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WHEN the grey hour of knowledge wakes,
And the bright veil falls rent in shreds,
And o'er the hills and languid lakes
The fierce, uncertain sunlight fails
To sudden dusk, and ocean pales,
Grows chill and hushed, and darknes spreads
Its weary wing and sadly makes
A veil of gloom that o'er the world it shakes.

When the sweet sleep of dreams departs,
And airy webs of wonder-work
Spun in the slumber of our hearts
Melt into air, and grey-eyed day
Brushes the webs of night away
From hidden nooks where phantoms lurk,
And sorrow from the ruins starts,
When knowledge wakes and dreamy sleep departs . . .


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